The initial real estate investment plan starts with setting basic objectives, type of property, market location, expected returns, time horizon, prior experience, and purpose. In a Real Estate investment a once you determine the location and type of property then we start the research.


Expertise begins with break-through knowledge of the market Parameters that lead to comprehensive real estate investment decisions. In response to changing client expectations and market conditions we assemble teams of experts who deliver integrated commercial real estate services built on sound market research analysis. We create a competitive advantage for our clients by utilizing up-to-date data and innovative thinking. Our staff will analyze the data to help you understand which markets are in demand and how to be competitive. NEXVEL Properties has a research team dedicated to assessing and monitoring the defining trends in South Florida. Our market research field service is ready to complete your project with our professional trained staff.


Within our team we have the resources and experience in locating and analyzing properties for our clients. Our expert research team will do a comprehensive analysis identifying the current and future marketability of the asset as well as a projected return on the investment. Through detail financial and market assessment our team can evaluate if a property fits the financial objectives of each investor. We cannot guarantee any future investments outcomes but we can show some past incredible experiences. We have the expertise, strategic alliances and ability to take you through the complete process from commercial asset location, evaluation, negotiation, purchase, and to the closing table. At any market cycle stage, there are always great opportunities, and that’s what NEXVEL Properties is known for, finding profitable opportunities for our clients.